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respond to listed statement in at least 170 words. Do you agree or disagree with the statement.


Criminal Justice Leadership in any organization is related to the outmost ssuccess that organization can expect to see. Leadership in any organization is certainly no exception. The main strategy is having strong leaders in place really promotes organization, management, productivity, motivation and even creativity in a criminal justice setting. Leadership requires that a person have a strong desire to be an influential part of the oorganization and want to play a key role in moving towards a common goal.  Leaders are primarily concerned with motivating and inspiring their followers to remain productive and to maintain the drive and ability to reach organization goals (Study Moose, 2016). The role of a leader in a criminal justice organization should not be under appreciated. A leader plays has an immensely influential role within the organization. First, leaders must have a strong working knowledge in the assignment they wish to lead. Leaders must realize their strengths and weakness in order to develop their own style of leadership. Due to the fact that people are motivated by different things, a leader must realize what motivates each subordinate individually (Study Moose, 2016).

The most accomplished leaders comprehend the necessity of setting the tone for employees to be successful.  A good leader wants their employees to enjoy coming to work and they will take the necessary action to create this atmosphere.  This is done by establishing mechanisms to stay informed with what their employees are doing.  Leaders should embrace every opportunity to recognize their employees for positive performance and often it may be a simple “thank you.”  Creating an environment to help your officers feel they are a part of a team and a family will encourage them to not want to let down their team members (Weisskopf, 2012).  (Katz, 2020)

The role of the leadership in criminal justice organization in the motivation of their team members is to make their team members feel wanted. The leader should ensure that they have an open door policy with their team members, so that if an employee is ever feeling uncomfortable, unappreciated, underpaid and overworked, they can express themselves. It is the job of the leader to ask the employee, “What can I do for you? What would you like to see change?’ Ensure that the employee recognizes that they matter, too and the organization could not run without them. Think of an organization as a human body. The employer is the head, but the employees are the neck. Both need each other and the head will not and cannot move without the neck.