Discussion – Week 10- 8130

Presenting Your Marketing Product

A marketing plan sets the stage for how you will introduce a new or existing health program, initiative, or health care service offered by your agency or organization. However, how do you actually “market” the proposed program, initiative, or service?

Not surprisingly, advertising is a form of marketing for various products and services. In order to advertise effectively, certain marketing products, such as brochures, posters, or television commercials, are used to communicate to target audiences. Like most businesses and organizations, the health care industry also relies on the marketing of certain health programs or health care services to remain competitive in the delivery of effective health care. What types of marketing products do you anticipate seeing in the practice of health care administration?

For this Discussion, post your marketing product to the Discussion board for this week. Then, review the resources for this week and reflect on the process of developing a marketing product. Consider how the marketing product developed by your colleagues may relate to the marketing plan for their health care agency or organization.

By Day 3

Post your marketing product, along with a brief explanation. Be sure to provide a brief background of your marketing product, including the rationale, purpose, and the component of your marketing plan that your marketing product represents.

APA style