Discussion – Week 7-8130

The National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services in Health and Health Care (The National CLAS Standards) represent a set of standards to improve health care quality and advance health equity in health care organizations. While these standards are certainly important for health care administrators to not only adopt but also implement within their agency, perhaps the Principal Standard of The National CLAS Standards serves as the true hallmark of ensuring culturally and linguistically appropriate standards.

The Office of Minority Health (2014) defines the Principal Standard as follows:

“Provide effective, equitable, understandable and respectful quality care and services that are responsive to diverse cultural health beliefs and practices, preferred languages, health literacy, and other communication needs.”

As a health care administrator, how might you ensure that you adhere to The National CLAS Standards when engaged in the design and development of culturally relevant messages while avoiding cultural bias?

For this Discussion, review the media images in the resources for this week. Reflect on how media might impact the cultural sensitivity of health messages. Then, consider how cultural sensitivity might impact a health services campaign and marketing plan.

By Day 3

Post any insights you had or conclusions you drew based upon your analysis of the media images provided in the media for this week. Explain how the media images in the resources for this week might present challenges based on the ethical, moral, and legal compliance considerations for the practice of health care administration. Then, explain how you might apply the information you gained from your analysis to your Final Project. Be specific and use examples to illustrate your points.

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