Discussions Due Tuesday by 4pm

    Please follow directions and answer all questions for the assignments.


 Discussion 2 : There  is a pattern

Consider the following scenario:

  You work as the director of a local human service agency that provides services for pregnant teens. You’ve just been handed the results from last month’s client satisfaction survey. You notice that a number of surveys show low ratings indicating a longer than normal waiting time between scheduled appointments. From your perspective you have observed staff beginning scheduled client meetings on time and have not observed any congestion of clients in the waiting room.   

Address the following in your discussion: Is there a pattern here? What do you know and what don’t know when considering the results of the client satisfaction survey. Be specific. Give examples.

                                                             Discussion 2 Gathering Data

Consider the following scenario: You have gathered data for your human service agency, a food pantry that provides food for a small community. The food pantry is new to the community. Some of the data gathered includes information about client’s age, ethnicity, gender, religious affiliation, income, family size favorite football team, favorite color, personal hobbies and interests and favorite books and television shows.

Address the following in this week’s discussion: Identify which data is important and why. Explain how you will use this data to help develop and implement the service delivery for the newly developed food pantry. Be specific. Give examples.