Due in 15 hours read instructions must cite 2 real cases

2)  Write at least 1-page (single-spaced) paper on the ethics question raised in page 113 of Chapter 3. Cite at least 2 real cases where a calendaring or computer mistake had an impact on a case and describe to remedy or outcome


Ethics question

A law firm has just installed the latest and greatest case management program. The attorneys and paralegals diligently attended all of the training classes required to master the new software program. All client and case matter information was uploaded into the new program. However, when inputting data, one of the paralegals entered the wrong date for a court hearing on an opposing party’s motion for summary judgment. The opposing party won it’s motion by default because the law firm failed to appear on behalf of it’s client.

What ethical issues, if any, are raised by this scenario?



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