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Human Services work is very rewarding for both the client and  professional. In order to ensure effectiveness, it is crucial that the  professional set the tone of a helping relationship from the beginning. This  includes setting the relationship intentions and maintaining healthy  boundaries. 

Part 1: Research

Conduct  some independent research. Using Rasmussen and other resources, locate an  article on maintaining healthy  relationships in Human Services.

Part 2: Reflect

For this assignment, you will use your critical thinking  skills and reflect upon building positive, helping relationships with clients.

In a minimum of two-pages (not counting the title page and  reference page) address the following:

  • Discuss how to create  a positive, healthy helping relationship with a client.
  • Distinguish between a  friendship and a helping relationship.
  • Identify  characteristics of a helping relationship.
  • Identify  personalization within the helping relationship.
  • Include a strategy for  maintaining and/or ending the helping relationship.
  • Discuss your strengths  and weaknesses and ways to improve helping skills.
  • Explain what area of  the helping relationship you feel is most helpful for the client and specific  ways you plan to emphasize the area.
  • Incorporate one (1)  credible resource to support your communication style. Cite source used. 

Use professional language including complete sentences and proper  grammar, spelling, and punctuation throughout your paper. Be sure to cite any  research sources in APA format.