Employment Law and the Hiring Process


After briefing  the management team on employment law from Assignment 1, it is time to  apply the knowledge to internal processes. There exist many fundamental  legal concerns surrounding recruiting and the overall hiring processes  within organizations. A current review of the company’s HR policies and  procedures centered on employment law reveals some possible  opportunities to improve the overall recruitment and hiring process.  More pinpointed opportunities exist in background checks, employment  tests, and hiring and promotions. If not properly administered, these  areas may cause employment law issues within the company.

Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you:

  1. Briefly  explain your overall understanding of conducting employee background  checks. Why are they done? Why are they important? Be clear with your  discussion. 
  2. Identify  and discuss at least two (2) types of background checks you believe  most organizations conduct and explain how you will ensure the types you  select are properly administered in the company. 
  3. List  and describe at least five (5) employee drug testing procedures you  should ensure in order to comply with state drug testing laws. How would  you ensure adherence to the procedures? 
  4. Briefly  discuss your understanding of bona fide occupational qualification  (BFOQ), affirmative action preferences, and promotions. Then, identify  at least three (3) actions you would take to avoid employment law issues  with these topics. Be specific.