Weeks 5 – 6 will address conflict, specifically, navigating and managing conflict in virtually co-located teams.  As part of this exploration we will also look at the role conflict has in enhancing team outcomes.  

The discussion forum for Weeks 5 and 6 will be in the form of a Quote, Question, Comment (QQC) assignment.  This assignment is a reading technique developed by Dr. Leslie Madsen-Brooks, from her doctoral work at the University of California at Davis.  

As part of this forum you are to locate an article that speaks to managing conflict.  The article may not be part of the course virtual library or an assigned reading for the course.  

Your original post must contain the following

  • Prepare a brief summary of the article (no more than 400 words); 
  • Quote from the reading something that stands out to you – something that resonates, challenges or perplexes you; 
  • Question that you have about the reading – something that you want to know more about (this does not need to relate to the quote, but may).  Questions should be open ended and provocative beginning with “why”, “who”, or “what if”.  Avoid yes and no questions;
  • Comment about your thoughts on the readings.  Write a short paragraph (no more than 400 words) that describes your overall response or perceptions.  You are encourage to be critical and express any disagreement you may have with the perspective of the author(s); and
  • Finally, provide a full APA formatted citation for the article that is used.  
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