Exemplify the differences between the Greek and Roman worldviews

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1.  Both Thucydides (in his retelling of Pericles’ Funeral Oration) and Seneca (in On Tranquility of Mind) address the concept of virtue (Thucydides of civic virtue and Seneca of individual virtue), and thus provide the modern reader with insight into how their respective civilizations understood the concept.  Pointing to and analyzing specific concepts that each discusses in the primary source documents from the Learning Activities, explain how these two authors convey the differences between their two civilizations’ worldviews.


2.  Explain how the images below (you should identify each  {providing a name if one is available}, place it in the proper civilization, discuss specific characteristics, and explain how those characteristics convey ideas) exemplify the differences between the Greek and Roman worldviews:

Here’s the question without the explanatory clutter:

~~Explain how the images below exemplify the differences between the Greek and Roman worldviews: