explain the following questions

This is the straightforward challenge of the week folks! We have all been in the situation of needing to motivate someone to do something. Maybe that someone is us. Maybe you have a problem with a roommate, or with yourself.

Motivation theories encourage us to examine the problem deeply, and attach wisdom to our efforts. If spanking really doesn’t work for kiddies, then certainly whining, yelling and pleading won’t work for grown-ups. 

And so I ask you to address yourself to the challenge of motivation this week, and let’s be practical.

1. Describe your Challenge

2. Select an approach that you think might work to address your challenge, based on last week’s presentation. If none seems to fit your specific example, then do some research on other approaches. But do provide detail on the approach. Look it up for more detail if the slides don’t help as much as you need them to. You either have the book, or a research engine.

3. How would you apply the selected theory? What actions are needed?

Example: (By all means choose your own)

My room mate NEVER cleans.

I think the approach Coach used with Brock in the assigned video would be helpful. This method aligns with (name the theory). 

Applying this technique exactly as shown, I will yell and scream at my roommate until s/he gets the job done. I will get down on the floor and hound them if necessary.

I expect to achieve success, because…

You have the idea. 

Read more: https://www.csucob.com/news/motivation-assignment/