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Privacy is essential in all parts that involve communication, storage, and processing of data. In this case, hospitals should have a high level of confidentiality when it comes to patient’s health information records(English & Lewis2016). This discussion post will respond to how a health facility handled Jean’s health information. According to the right of privacy, a patient has the right not to have their personal information disclosed. Dr. Grant and the billing office violated the right to privacy of Jenna (Donna, Yilmaz, & Sarah, 2019). Jenna had told the billing office that she would not want the bill sent to her mother’s insurance instead to a college address, which the billing office agreed to do so. Later, after the software upgrade, the billing office sent the bill to the mother’s insurance, which violated Jenna’s right to privacy. On the other side, Dr. Grant disclosed that Jenna had visited the hospital, which she was not supposed to. Mrs. Peterson did not have the right to ask Dr. Grant why Jenna had visited some weeks ago; instead, she should have waited to hear from Jenna why she had gone there.

Putting into consideration how the incident transpired, Jenna has the right to sue for a confidentiality breach. In this case, she would sue them for breach of patient privacy, HIPAA noncompliance, and causing emotional distress. Mrs. Peterson should also sue the billing office for sending her a bill for a visit she did not know. For the organizations to prevent future confidentiality violations, they should use the following risk recommendations. First, it should give patient confidentiality a high priority whereby all parties in that organization should take responsibility. Second, the organization should have a dedicated privacy officer who would help the organization develop consequences for employees who breach patient confidentiality. Lastly, the organization should require that every staff sign a confidentiality agreement when first employed.


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