follow up discussion

 one paragraph with intext citation and reference follow up discussion for the above discussion.Further the dialogue by providing more information and clarification. Provide feedback on whether you agree or disagree with their criticism. Explain why. Build on their posts by providing additional insight of your own  


  1. Discuss what the nurse should have done to effectively control this situation and limit the risks of wrongful delegation? Give a detailed response and reference 2 evidenced based resources.

 According to American Nurses Association (2017), the RN is accountable for confirming that the delegated task to the CNA meets all 5 rights of delegation. After watching the video, It has come to my realization that nurses must be careful when delegating. Rules must be followed in other not to get into trouble. Even thought some organizations train UAPs to do higher level abilities, the nurse must make sure that the UAP is certified and qualified to accomplish any skills preceding to delegation. Instead of permitting the CNA to insert GI tube the RN should have given directions the UAP to take the patient to the ER and not to reinsert the tube on her own.  The delegated task must be within the delegator’s scope. Again, the UAP must receive task based on their proficiency level.  Patients protection is very vital and should have been the RN priority which she did not. The nurse should have also evaluated the right to delegation prior to delegation (Nurse Services Organization, 2019). 

2 )Identify 3 to 4 risk control recommendations that were learned from the required video that could have been utilized in this case.

a) Nurses must refer to their state’s nurse practice acts, which has the rules on what to do not what not to do when it comes to delegation or any task the RN wants to delegate to any one to help him or her with. If this is done it will help reduce errors in the medical field and increase patients safety.

b) If the nurse chooses to assign any task to the UAP, she should confirm that the UAP have being appropriately qualified and competent for such task. Once allowing the UAP do the task, the RN should supervise to safeguard the task was appropriately and correctly done and can not lead to injury of the patient

c) Evaluating the CNA’s capabilities and skills when it comes to delegation help the nurse to improve care given to patient and also reduced death and law suit from patients family to nurses (Marquis & Huston, 2020)


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