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Art has been a complex topic over the years , and different people have their views on how to define it . Some may critique and sometimes appreciate an illustration , according to its beauty, originally, attractiveness, and intellectual . These are the aspects that constitute the work. 

What art really is since there are so many types that make it hard to create a universal definition for every aspect . Jacobus and Martin ( 2019) explain that there are three types of criteria that can be used to determine what is considered a work of art : it is made by an artist , it is intended to be a work of art by the creator and recognized   experts agree that it is a work of art. This identification of art is more conceptual to which it actually has flaws in the criteria . The main flaw is the fact it does not allow for other outside perspective other than the artist and other experts.  This is why Jacob and Martin ( 2019) include the perception of art into the criteria as well by describing our perception of what we observe and our conception of what we already know.

One painting relates to surrealism which relates to my definition . Dai liked to described his work as hand painted dream photographers where he applied the method of surrealism , tapping deep into imagination ( Museum of modern Art , 2019). He relies his painting form of reality it representation visual objects .  

A non art example would be anything that was formed without expression of skilled or imagination . It is hard  to really identify what would not be considered art since I believe art is in the eyes of the beholder . For example some may view graffiti as non – art due to the fact it is illegal and an eye sore in some viewers. 

Reference: HUMN303N Week 1: The Value of the Humanities [Online lesson].  

 Museum of modern art ( 2019)