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To complete the learning activities, please create a new thread for each theme and identify in the subject line the theme for which you are responding.  Students are expected to post to all themes by Thursday and to at least two other students (across all themes) by Sunday.  In responding to the learning activities and to other students, please be sure to use the course material using in-text citations and a reference list to cite the source(s) used.  Remember, an in-text citation cannot exist without having a corresponding reference list and a reference list cannot exist without having a corresponding in-text citation.  Use of the course material using in-text citations and a reference list is always expected in the learning activities and good practice for the assignments in the course.

To respond to Learning Activities, click on the blue hyperlink.

General Instructions for Learning Activities (LAs):

LA 1 & 2:   Read/watch all assigned materials listed for the week in Course Content. Cite to these materials with in-text citations in all responses you post to these LAs.  

Create a separate posting for each LA, i.e., one post for LA 1, a separate post for LA 2.

Label each LA with appropriate titles, such as “LA 1” and “LA 2”, etc. and your name. Label each part of each LA.


LAs are to be written in paragraph format with appropriate in text citations in APA format.  Review How to Use APA in Content. 

All LAs are due Thursday, 11:59 pm, ET.

Discussion 1 & 2:  Respond to at least one colleague for each LA.  Respond substantively and comprehensively and interactively so as to promote further discussion.  Use in-text cites in APA format, as needed.  

Responses to colleagues are due Sunday, 11:59 pm, ET.

Post a separate reply for each learning activity, i.e., one reply post for Learning Activity 1 and a separate reply post for Learning Activity 2.

Answer each question part in paragraph format using APA in text citations.  You do not need to use resources other than those assigned, unless specifically instructed to do so. 

Learning Activity 1Due Thursday,  11:59 pm ET

Read assigned materials and respond to the questions below.

1.  What are 2 primary advantages of a franchise and why?

2.  What are 2 primary disadvantages of a franchise and why?

3.  If a small business applied for a bank loan money to finance the initial franchising process and start up, what factors would be important to a bank to decide whether to loan the money?

Learning Activity 2: Due Thursday, 11:59 pm ET

Read assigned materials and respond to the scenario below.

Scenario:    CleanRite, a small business general partnership with 7  partners is a very profitable, successful business located in Baltimore.  CleanRite wants to expand its business and is considering doing so by franchising within the US. 

1.  Analyze whether you would advise CleanRite to franchise the business by:

A.  Presenting 2 positives for franchising this business.

B.  Presenting 2 negatives against franchising the business.

2.  After evaluating the positive and negatives, should CleanRite franchise or expand the business in some other way?  Support your conclusion in depth.

Discussions 1 & 2: You do not need to respond to others this week, but you are encouraged to do so. 

Because there is no required interactive discussion with others this week, LA 1 and LA 2 will be worth  1.875 pts each.

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