ford pinto case

** Pick one question below and answer in 1.5-2 pages, APA format, no plagairism.  DUE 8AM Hawaii


1. Identify and briefly discuss the main differences between the processing of white-collar offenders in the criminal justice system and the processing of ordinary street offenders.


2. Identify and briefly discuss the conceptual and constitutional arguments that Ford made to try to prevent the case from coming to trial in Indiana. Why did Ford argue that under Indiana’s reckless homicide law it could not be prosecuted and the indictment should be quashed? Finally, briefly describe what the court decided in regard to each of Ford’s arguments.


3. What has been the legacy of the Ford Pinto trial? That is, how has the law regarding corporate crime changed in the years since the trial ended? Has the criminal law been used more vigorously against corporations as the authors predicted or not? (If you choose to answer this one, you will have to read chapters 7 and 8 in the Pinto book, which are only recommended and not required.)

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