Forensic Chemistry and Trace Evidence Analysis

Unit 3 Assignment: Chromatogram Comparisons Experiment

Read the Chromatogram Comparisons Experiment.

Perform the analysis procedure on two different brands of black felt tip pens and compare the two paper chromatograms.

Choose one of the following assignment options:


Assignment A

Take photos of your experiment showing the different color bands produced in the two paper chromatograms.

Submit photos of your experiment in an email to your instructor (provided in your course syllabus). You may take digital photos of the chromatograms or scan a copy of the chromatograms and email as an attachment to your instructor.


Assignment B

Write a 500- 750 word paper describing the experiment.


Include a description of all color bands produced in the two paper chromatograms with the order of colors that were separated out. Do the number, color and sequence of colored bands correspond between the two paper chromatograms or do they differ? What are the differences?

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