Formal report for Business correspondance class


I need to write a report on MIS certifications for the Business Correspondance class. Following is the topic:

Many students like you are post-graduate study to receive an MIS certificate in advanced database management, advanced network design, data warehousing, or systems analysis and design. Which of these or other certificate programs are most valuable? Is certification worth the money? What programs would you recommend? Why? 

Attached is an example of what the report should look like and the guidelines required by the instructor. 


Report Guidelines:

  • Use at least three primary and three secondary sources in researching your topic.
  • Base your report format on Figure 10.25 located on pages 329-338 in the text. The report model uses MLA documentation style with single-spacing.
  • Front Matters will include: Title page, Letter of Transmittal, Table of Contents and List of Figures (at least one figure is required), and Executive Summary.
  • Body of Report will include: Introduction, Discussion of Findings, and Conclusion/Recommendations. Please refer to page 327-328 for a detailed explanation.
  • Supplementary Parts of Report will include: Work Cited (required) and Appendixes (if applicable)

A grading rubric and student example (received an 80%) is available for your reference. I encourage the completion process of this assignment to occur each week, as daily as possible. This assignment is meant to be a meaningful example of your writing skills and strategies obtained since the beginning of the course; it is not an assignment that can successfully be completed in a week or two. Citing and documenting sources is of importance.

As in any course, plagiarism is not acceptable and will be reviewed as stated in the course syllabus. In short, credit cannot be offered for work that is not your own.

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