Four Short Answer Questions

Write at least 250 words for each question. One reference for each question.

1. You have heard so many stories of bad managers and read so many accounts of poor decisions that you are determined to be more “evidence-based” in your own organizational career. But why are more decisions not made on good research evidence? How do you go about finding more evidence? Where would you find such evidence, and how might you apply it to commonly faced managerial situations such as how to set appropriate goals, motivate high effort, or build strong employee commitment and a high-performance culture? 

2. Concepts to answer question 2 is related to question 1.

 Using your textbook, LIRN-based research, and the Internet, apply the learning outcomes( any concepts related to Organizational Behavior and Your Personal Effectiveness ) for the week/course and lecture concepts to one of the following scenario:

As applied to a management, leadership, or any decision-making position

3. Please provide brief explanation of Changing Business Environment and answer the following questions:

  • What is the importance of the current changing global business environment?  
  • What are some of the factors that have caused change and what are the major types of change?  
  • What are some of the challenges that contemporary organizations face?

4. After Finish Question 3, then finish question 4. The concepts to answer question 4 is related to question 3.

Using your textbook, LIRN-based research, and the Internet, apply the learning outcomes for the week/course and lecture concepts to a business organization that exhibits and demonstrates these concepts. You should develop a summary of the organization’s strategy and how they use these concepts to compete.

This is a learning and application exercise designed to give you an opportunity to apply concepts learned in a pragmatic and meaningful way that will enable you to gain valuable and relevant knowledge in an effort to augment your skill set and enhance your professional careers.

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