Global Communication

Discussion (original post) 

Making sense of globalization  

Read or view all the articles/videos linked below for use in the discussion assignment. Select the item(s) you find most interesting and respond to the question(s).  You must submit two posts – one original and one response to at least one other student’s post.  

You must use this template for your posts:  

Post is based upon/is a response to: 

Two Concepts Used: [list both] 

Text of Post:  

First paragraph 

Second paragraph  


1). Globalization: What Does It Really Mean? What does globalization mean to you? How does globalization affect you?  

2). Globalization—Positive or Negative? (Links to an external site.) What are the positive and negative aspects of globalization?  

3). Globalization.  

4). How Globalization Reached the Cradle of Islam. (Links to an external site.) Can you think of other examples of globalization?

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