Overview: This purpose of the week 4 discussion board is to examine groups and the effect of groups. Answer prompt 1. Then select and answer one prompt from prompts 2-5. Refer to Chapter 5 to answer the prompts  

Instructions: Respond to prompts in paragraph form (200-400 words) by Friday at 11:59 p.m..  Reply to the main discussion for your initial post. Reply to 2 posts by other students posts (~100 words) by Sunday at 11:59 p.m.. 

Prompt 1: Describe 3 topics from Chapter 5 that you found interesting.

Prompt 2: Define what a group is and describe the difference between primary and secondary groups. 

Prompt 3: Discuss how group identification is associated with status.

Prompt 4: Distinguish among ingroups, outgroups, and reference groups, and give an example of each.

Prompt 5: Apply the concept of groupthink to describe how people often respond differently in a group context than they might if they were alone

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