HCI300 IP4

Due Wednesday, March 17th @ 7 pm PST

2-3 pages APA 6 format, in-text citation

2 cited sources minimum. More can be used if needed.

Now that you have identified some of the individuals who will be part of the EHR implementation team, you will begin your needs analysis in preparation for selecting the vendor. You have also been informed that all of the computers in the facility are outdated. You will need to keep in mind your knowledge of data sets, EHR and CPOE systems, and patient demographic information data elements that will be needed to assist you in selection of the appropriate vendor. You will present the following information to the executive team in 2–3 pages:

  • Identify and describe your needs analysis plan to prepare for the EHR implementation.

*Notes from the professor*

The paper is not about telling different steps to needs analysis. It can be mentioned, but not what the paper is about.

Discuss findings from a needs analysis. How you plan to prepare the environment for the implementation.

ex: Q: outdated computers in the facilities and what will be done to prepare for the implementation

      A: update screens, computer, updated keyboards, education of users 

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