Health assessment, promotion and prevention


Please answer ALL the questions comprehensively with support from the Murdaugh et al. (2019) text and a nursing journal article properly paraphrased, cited, and referenced. Consider the course objectives as you reflect on your learning throughout this course.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of NUR3068, the student will:

  1. Examine the concept of health, health promotion, risk reduction and disease prevention through the lifespan. (Care Coordination; Essential I)
  2. Utilize theories/models of health behavior to promote health and/or change outcomes for diverse populations. (Care Coordination; Essential I)
  3. Evaluate strategies to promote health literacy and health equities in culturally diverse populations. (Care Coordination; Essential II, VIII, IX)
  4. Conduct a health history utilizing therapeutic communication techniques to identify current and future health problems. (Care Coordination; Essential VI, VII)
  5. Demonstrate focused physical assessment principles and techniques to individuals across the lifespan for health promotion and disease/injury prevention initiatives. (Care Coordination; Essential III, IX)
  6. Determine the health status and health needs of individuals and communities based on interpretation of health assessment data to develop appropriate nursing interventions. (Care Coordination, Research Translation; Essential III, VII, IX)
  7. Use evidence-based practices to guide health teaching, health counseling, and risk screening. (Research & Translation; Essential III, VII)
  8. Analyze the role information and patient care technologies play in promoting patient empowerment, self- care, and self-management. (Care Coordination, Information Management; Essential IV)
  9. Utilize effective communication and collaboration with patients and other healthcare professionals to advocate for and provide culturally appropriate health promotion and disease prevention interventions for individuals and communities. (Care Coordination, Information Management; Essential II, V, VI, VII)

-Summarize the key points you have learned in this course.

-Describe how you will use your new knowledge in your personal nursing practice for your patients/clients.

-Present any behavioral changes will you make for yourself.

-Finally, how can you advocate for health promotion and disease prevention from a local/national perspective (not individual patients care).

Minimum word count 300 for initial post and 150 for peer responses.  No sources required for this final week. I want to hear from YOU! Be sure to showcase what you have learned!