health policy due 2/2/2021


In 100 to 200 words per question —Respond to the question below regarding the health policy that is attached :- 

1. Name of the organization that owns the policy?

2. What is the subject or name of the policy?

3. The Purpose of the policy?

4. Any General Information given which explains more about the reason for this policy?

If so summarize:

5. Is there a detailed process involved that is defined in the process?

If so summarize:

6. Population of focus?

7. Disease or Condition of focus?

8. Directed toward which Health Care Professionals?

9. What was the implementation/approval date and renewal date?

10. Which department ‘owns’ this policy?

11. Who signed off on the policy? [credentials or title]

12. Are there any definitions included to clarify?

13. How many pages it is?

14. What is your opinion of this policy?

a. Is it well written?

b. Do you understand it?

c. Anything that you would change or add to make it better?

d. Can you see this policy moving into the legal processes to become law at some point? Explain why or why not?

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