HI Privacy and Metadata

Utilize the case study on page 370 of your book and conduct some research on your own to answer the following questions. 

Case Study Questions

  1. What is metadata?

 2. What are other examples of metadata (excluding the case study example)?

 3.  Why did the metadata discredit the anesthesiologist?

 4.  What was the significance of the timing the information was recorded?

 5.  Does this case study change how you view health data can be used in a litigation (explain your answer)?


Write a minimum of 300 words, double-spaced.  5 points

Explain in each paragraph using analysis and scholarly thought with assertions supported by evidence.  10 points

Use proper quotation and APA citation rules.  2 points

Cite references with use of APA format. 2 points

Use proper spelling and grammar 3 points

TOTAL 22 points

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