HIM 220 4-1 Discussion: Data Analysis

Review the “Real World Case” involving data analysis at Lewis-Beck Medical Center on page 268 of Introduction to Information Systems for Health Information Technology.

In your initial post, discuss the following:

Provide an example of how data analytics could be useful to a healthcare facility. Be sure to discuss data quality in your response.


In your responses to your peers, discuss an insightful comment in the peer’s original post. What can be learned from this? Please Respond to both classmates.

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Teneka Jones posted May 26, 2020 10:52 AM 

Hello Instructor and Classmates

I hope everyone is doing well, and has had a safe, happy, holiday weekend. An example of data analytics being used in healthcare could be to track the progress of a new cancer medication among cancer patients in a demographic area. Data is gathered and entered into the IS system, and also tracked in the cancer registry to keep up with the number of patients that have been prescribed the medication, continue to do follow-up and monitor the patient for side effects, and then have the outcome of the medication, and how it impacted the patient by showing any benefits or negative impact further on the patient’s health.

The quality of data would be current, relevant, and could provide secondary data for future research or other studies. The patients will also be evaluated as they can best tell their experience and how the medication makes them feel. Data would be entered in real time and exchanged to other medical providers as care deems necessary. Having good documentation and error-free clinical notes makes the information have integrity, and patients can trust that the information is being safeguarded and only shared on an as need to know basis.

According to Registered Health Information Administrator Julie Dooling (n.d.) notes, “ensuring the reliability and integrity of healthcare data begins with the accuracy & completeness of the data captured in the patient’s record”. This can be the most critical and important part of data collection and maintaining its integrity, by being honest and including all of the information that the patient has stated, and then inputting that information into the system as precise as possible and verifying what has been said with a slight overview.

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Maugha Walker posted May 26, 2020 6:09 PM 

Hi class, 

The ability to analyze data can simplify any tasks that need to be performed. A person can look at the information that has been provided and draw conclusions, predict future outcomes and track numerous categories in the healthcare field. For example, a big hospital can look at patient flow and determine any types of current illnesses that are trending. With the data that is entered, providers will be able to prepare for situations that may arise. Conclusions can be drawn from data that is entered. Users, like administrators, will have the advantage of looking at information that will determine important factors that can benefit the facility or help cut monetary costs. Data analyzation also helps facilities plan for the future. The data will help determine if additional structures, activities or staff will be needed for a growing community. The quality of the data that is entered is important as well. The quantitative or qualitative information needs to be entered in accurately, within a timely manner and the information needs to be valid. The quality of the data that is entered will help organizations make the right decisions during the planning process.