How can you improve? what modification can you make next time? what will you do differently in a similar situation in the future?

5. After you have completed your implementation, record the results, what happened? how successful were you? what was the effect on others?

Through I requested to my group member to evaluate my ability of expression after each Friday. In fact, the score was not high at the first time, I only got the score of four, But it could serve as the point to let me realize how space I still need to improve. Therefore, in order to get the better score, I started to pay more concentration on my expressive ability. I was trying to express and share my perspective and idea to students whether it effective or not. After following with many attempts and efforts, my score was gradually keep increasing; high scores made myself to be more confident to express my own. Despite to get the score of Ten was not easy to work in three months. But for me, The most important thing was I truly discover that I have improved a lot about the aspect of expression during in the plan. Meanwhile, I also used the timer to count how long I was focusing on listening to measure my patience. But I was very disappointed regarding the result at first time.Almost after ten minutes, I gradually discover I was going to lose the patience to listen anymore. By this experience, It accurately describes the point that how lack of my patience in listen and also proved how does this plan effect to me apparently. And since then I have decided to pay more attention to hearing, Gradually I made a significant breakthrough about the time, The time I spent for every time in listening kept increasing more than previous; Even sometimes I spent forty minutes to keep serious listening to somebody. Due to I have already got the effective improvement on the two aspect of my weakness by this plan. Some of my close friends who have mentioned that I presented the significant change and development in the communication and became more positively and actively to interact with them.

6. How can you improve? what modification can you make next time? what will you do differently in a similar situation in the future?

Over time, I will keep improving myself and actively explore more problems or weakness then set another or more plan to continually challenge myself in order to be outstanding on the interpersonal relationship in the future. despite this plan was effective, but suppose I can have one more chance to set this plan again, I would like to add one more step, which is spending extra time to communicate with my classmates after class. Through each feedback from classmates, it not only can help me improve the conversation skill, and also make me more confidently and positively to respond when I have to the opportunity to communicate with somebody in English in future.

7. Looking back on your whole skill practice and application experience, what have you learned? what has been surprising? in What ways might this experience help you in the long term?

Through the each one of the feedback and assessment provided by my friends and group member, I can detailedly understand the specific part where I need to improve and focus, further to motivate myself focus on the each one of process and situation in the plan until receive the result. And also by my own assessment, I have learned that How could I evaluate and measure my patience in the right and effective way to be an effective listener in my interpersonal relationship.(Whetten and Cameron 2011) “ in a survey of personnel directors in 300 business and industries conducted to determine what skill are most important in becoming a manager, reported that effective listening was ranked highest” 2011,p256). The most surprising things for me was every time when I saw my score and measured time, there have an particular power motivate me by more effort and struggle toward the higher score and longer time. This plan was successful to establish for solving my two weakness in communication. And provides significant principle and practical experience to review myself again. Meanwhile, this experience also can able to help me to analyze and organize the problem and provides the effective ability and solution to solving-problem on my interpersonal relationship in the future.