How to Avoid Performance Evaluation Errors?

Chapter 10 Performance Management


How to Avoid Performance Evaluation Errors?

Question 2

If you were an employee, would you want to be evaluated by traits, behavior, or results? Why?


Discuss how you would go about diagnosing an employee’s performance problems. List several factors to consider.

Written Assignment: Performance Management Systems

Reflect upon your own experience with performance management systems – this could be paid or unpaid, or an internship/placementexperience. Were you given goals? If yes, what impact did this have on your ability to do your job? If not, what impact did this have? Did the environment help or hinder your motivation? Did the environment help or hinder your motivation? Specifically, what was it about the environment or your supervisor that caused your motivation to increase or decrease? What could the organization or your supervisor have done to help address this for, what did they do?

If you do not have any of the experience listed above, research a company’s performance management systems, and compare its components and the organization’s practices with what we have learned in Chapter 10. How might the organization modify its performance management systems? What likely impact would that have on organizational performance?