How to Make Recruiting More Effective?

Chapter 6 Recruitment


How to Make Recruiting More Effective?


What do you think about employee referrals?  What are the drawbacks and advantages you perceive with this practice?


What are the pros and cons of using temporary or leased employees rather than hiring permanent employees?

Written Assignment: Design a Recruitment Plan:

Your organization, Health Source, Inc., owns four large drugstores in Houston, Texas, and will open two more stores in the next year. One of the new stores will be located in suburban Houston, and the other will represent your first venture into the Dallas market. Each store will require about twenty-five employees at the start, including five pharmacists, four cosmeticians, a manager, and assistant manager, and a number of clerks.

How would you go about locating and recruiting the fifty employees needed for the new stores? How do the recruiting methods you considered compare with one another in terms of cost, and how effective do you think each will be? how long will the recruiting process take? Are there any possible legal or ethical ramifications to think about?

Written Assignment: Different Recruitment Methods

Your small home health care service company of about 50 workers has traditionally recruited employees using newspaper print advertisements. Applications have been decreasing from these ads, so you are looking for alternative ways to generate more applicant flow. The company president has requested that you, as HR manager, prepare an overview of how educational/academic and Internet recruitment efforts might improve the recruitment traffic. In the overview, present the pros and cons of these new methods and compare them to newspaper recruiting