How would you behave when your fellow is not behaving appropriately with you over some issue in front of the guests?


Your paper should be based on one of the topics listed below. You will be reporting your  findings and recommendations to management. Summarize the responses for  each weekly homework assignment, rather than copy the weekly  assignments to the research paper.


The research paper should

  • include a thorough literature review and a discussion of the practical implications of the information.
  • be structured so that at least one third of the paper is focused  on your interpretation of the information, practical implications,  recommendations, and conclusion.
  • include at least three sources from academic journals, which includes:
    • Personnel Psychology
    • Journal of Management
    • Academy of Management Review
    • Journal of Applied Psychology etc
  • be written, using APA style
  • be at least 8 pages long. (Double spaced, 1” margins, Times New  Roman 12 pt font), excluding the title page, abstract, and bibliography.

The attached files are my completed homework for the Sleep Tight Inn. They can be used to assist with the paper.


Behavioral based questions:

Q1: as I can see in your resume, you have been working as a house keeping for quite some time now. Imagine you are in such situation where you know you have committed an error but someone else is being blamed. Would you own your mistake or let the other person take the fall for that?

Q2: You are doing excellent work as per the requirements. No complains of whatsoever but your supervisor is not happy and he want you to change your style? Would you agree to change since he or she is your boss or argue to prove yourself correct?

Q3: explain how you intend to use your strong points and weak points in your work? will you be able to overcome your shortcomings and overpower them with your strong points. What do you do to control your temper as housekeeping have to face several tough situations?

Situation based question:

Q1: say, a guest is overly drunk and behaving inappropriate with you. How would deal with such situation? Would you report that guest or deal with the situation yourself?

Q2: how would you behave when your fellow is not behaving appropriately with you over some issue in front of the guests? Would you bring the matter to your supervisor or try to reason with her or him?

Q3: imagine a situation where you are asked to do a task which is outside the requirements of your housekeeping. That task is important and hold importance for the owner. Since you are a reliable worker, that is why he asked you to do it. would you fulfil the task or excuse away and ruin the chance of success?

Anchored rating scale:

Reference check form:

Purpose: A reference check is a valuable tool in the recruitment process to verify facts and obtain additional information about the candidate. All sections should be completed to be considered a valid reference. Indicate N/A if the question is not applicable.

Applicant Name: _______________________________

Date of Reference Check: ___________________ Person Checking Reference: ______________

Reference Name: _______________________ Reference Organization: _________________

Relationship to the Applicant: supervisor Peer other (Specify)

Dates of Employment: From: ________________ To __________ Salary: _______________

Position: _____________________

Nature of the Job of the Applicant: ___________________________