Your Paper should be double-spaced, with “1” margins on all sides.

Having a cover page is important with any assignment. The cover page of your paper should have your complete name, name of the class, and title of the assignment.

You should have a brief abstract on the cover page. Have a complete Table of Contents on the next page identifying page numbers for various sections of the paper.

At this point in the semester, you have read about the nature of identity as experienced by various people based on their race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientations, national origin, etc. You have watched several diversity videos related to identity for deeper insights. I will be sending you more video links to watch as your prepare to do this assignment. Here are the two parts of the assignment. Please use proper subtitles within Part 1 and Part 2 to organize your paper so that it is easy to read. I leave it up to your creativity and talent to organize the paper using appropriate and clear subtitles.

1. The first part of this paper asks you to reflect on your personal identity and its defining characteristics (3-4 double spaced pages). You know yourself best! Right? You can use both sources from the textbook readings as well as the Diversity videos to give examples and support your personal reflections.

Address the following questions in Part 1. Based on your identity, how do you relate to various other groups of people who appear similar or different from you? Give examples to make your points. Do you feel that at this point in your life you have developed a capacity for self-reflection that allows you understand your responses to an environment where diversity is increasingly the norm? Give some examples of your capacity to understand a diverse environment (50%).

2. The second part of the paper follows from the first part and focuses on your Personal Cross – Cultural Competence Growth Plan (3-4 double spaced pages). Again, along with your personal reflections and creativity, you can use both sources from the textbook readings as well as the Diversity videos to support the logic behind your Personal Cross – Cultural Competence Growth Plan.

Address the following questions in Part 2. What are the some of the most important lessons that you have learned from the classroom discussions and readings and the Diversity Videos? What would your Cross-Cultural Competence Growth Plan look like to prepare yourself for future leadership roles? How will it be helpful to you? Make a 1-2 pages “to-do list” of actions that you can and will take to make yourself a more culturally-competent collaborator and leader.  Your “to-do list” should not only identify what you will do, but also when and how you will do it.  In other words, it must be a real action plan for growth and development.  While it is mainly for your growth, it will help me see how you are converting the course content and our discussions into your own plan for growth as a leader. (50%)