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Submit one to two-page summary of an article about Samsung of your choice. You are required to use learning resources such as the university’s digital library and online resources. Please confirm/show your use of these resources with your instructor.

There are three online library systems. The following procedures describe how students may access these materials:

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(1) Your article must come from a reputable source. Among many reputable sources for you to look for Samsung articles, one of them could be weekly magazine The Economist, the following two articles are examples:

  • The Economist, January 15, 2005, pp. 64–66; Moon Ihlwan, “Samsung’s Rise in Digital TV”
  • The Economist, February 9, 2008, p. 71; Cliff Edwards, “Samsung: Rethinking the Printer Business”

(2) In first paragraph of your article summary, please state your source name (i.e., The Economist), Issue or date of that source (i.e., January 15, 2005), author name (i.e., Moon Ihlwan), article title (i.e., “Samsung’s Rise in Digital TV)