For the section of Judaism please read (if it does not open, you can find the article below):

Online please read-     What Do Jews Believe-1.docx  

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For the section of Islam please watch:

World's Largest Pilgrimage – Hajj Documentary

Questions to Answer: 

1. What is the Kotel (Western Wall) and why is this wall important for the Jewish faith?

2. If you wrote a note to put into this wall, what would your note say? 

3. What does it mean for Jews to be the ‘Chosen People’, what does this mean for the rest of humanity? 

4. Explain what the Hajj is for Muslims and some of the rituals they do there. 

5. Is there any pilgrimage in your own life that you have to make before you die that holds a similar weight to that akin to the pilgrimage to Mecca? 

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