HW – DDOS Attack


Goal: The goal of this assignment is to bring about an understanding of how DDOS attacks are real and happen on October 21, 2016.

Requirement: Students will be required to research and analyze the following event and describe how DDOS and other attacks are actual threats to companies and individuals. What is the importance of having security on a network? Who is at risk? What are the possible implication if a network is attacked in the US? Sam Thielman in New York and Chris Johnston in London of the Guardian News Outlet written on Friday 21 October 2016 17.06 BST.

Citing: All sources should be cited. Students will have be required to use at least 2 literary sources. (The textbook of the class will be considered 1 source.)  The student will have the option of citing in MLA or APA format, but is required to cite.

Grading: Points will be assigned for clear, concise, and complete thoughts that are written grammatically correct. The length of the paper should be more than 5 pages.Higher marks will be given for developed thoughts and thorough research and analysis.

Deliverable: Electronic format uploaded through Moodle. Students can save their documents as a Word (.doc or .docx) or as a PDF file. The assignment should be uploaded into Moodle for grading. All student work should be titled with the assignment and their name. I.e. AssignmentTitle-M.Simmons.doc


Description: 2016-10-21 Major Cyber Attack Disrupts Internet Service.pdf 2016-10-21 Major   Cyber Attack Disrupts Internet Service.pdf

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