I need help with the notes 1. Infectious/Inflammatory Diseases a. Inflammation/Inflammatory Response b. Wound healing c. Chain of infection d. Stages of infection e. Bacterial infections f. Viral infections g. Fu


I need help with the notes 

1.      Infectious/Inflammatory Diseases 

a.      Inflammation/Inflammatory Response

b.      Wound healing

c.      Chain of infection

d.      Stages of infection

e.      Bacterial infections

f.       Viral infections

g.      Fungal infections

h.      Parasitic infections

i.        Immunity types i.     Innate immunity ii.     Adaptive immunity 

             iii.     Hypersensitivity (Type I – IV)

j.        Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

k.      Rheumatoid Arthritis

l.        HIV

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