Interpersonal Communication Film Analysis

Students will write a 5-7 page APA paper conducting an interpersonal communication behavior analysis of a film. They will choose the film in week five from a list provided in the weekly module.  The attached PDF provides a list of films to choose from, as well as two sample prompts you may utilize in your paper.

Once viewed, you will conduct a film analysis* and present the findings to the class in the form of a 5-6 page paper. You will apply what you’ve learned throughout the course. That means terminology and concepts learned throughout the course must be provided. Analyze the behaviors of the characters, as they relate to interpersonal communication, as well as provide suggestions for improvement. A successful film analysis will include a minimum of 6 terms/concepts/theories from the text with page citations.

*Because movies are often long, you can pick main themes throughout the movie to analyze. In addition, you should discuss both effective and non-effective communication in the film and offer recommendations for improvement based on what you’ve learned.

Utilize the course text AND at least 3 outside sources.

Video I choose was mrs Doubtfire Be sure that your analysis on the communication principles related to the conflict, not just a critique of the film.