Interprofessional Collaboration & Outcomes Management for Quality


The role and satisfaction of the patient in today’s Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process is important. Reflecting on advanced nursing practice, discuss:

1. Patient satisfaction measurement found in a clinical or practice setting, and discuss how it is measured, how is it connected to reimbursement, and what impact it has on practice/outcomes.

2. Strategies to improve patient involvement in CQI process to improve this outcome/measurement. Apply the M-APR model as a diagnostic model of patient involvement to the aforementioned situation, and discuss strategies to improve how the patients, families, and caregivers can be involved. M-APR (“M” micro, meso, macro; and across two dimensions- the “APR” active/proactive and passive/reactive involvement. These dimensions indicate that patient, family, or public involvement can be achieved through various mechanisms.)

To address the aforementioned questions, document the assignment in a 6-pages ,include 3–5 scholarly, peer-reviewed articles.

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