Jorno 3


Journal writing provides a nonthreatening way to explore different thoughts, ideas, and topics without being concerned about audience presentation. The process of writing can facilitate reflection and allow you to express your feelings regarding your educational experiences as well as clarify your thinking.

Dementia impacts a person’s capacity to make informed decisions. When we consider a person with dementia with regard to engaging in sexual or intimate situations, the person must be able to have the capacity to make informed decisions. Imagine you are the director of a skilled nursing facility and you have two patients who are married. One resident is cognitively impaired, and the other is not and chooses to engage in sexual and intimate acts with their spouse as they have always done. How do you respond? What is your role in protecting the person with cognitive impairment? Does it matter that they are married and have engaged in these sexual and intimate acts all of their life? What ethical factors related to decision-making and engaging in sexual relationships should be considered? 

Your journal entry should be 250 to 400 words long. No outside research is expected and, therefore, no references are needed.