Journal Article Review/Critique Course Assignment

Epidemiological article concerning the prevalence/risk of illness or health in a population

To successfully accomplish the main objectives of this assignment, students will perform a critical, constructive analysis of recently published studies (journal articles) in the healthcare or public health fields through summary, classification, analysis and comparison. A review and critique of the methodological approach and discussion of the applications in the field are expected.

Note: The Methods section of each article should be carefully review.

  1. Identify the study design. (10 points)
  2. Report the sample size, power and sampling methods used. (10 points)
  3. Identify the variables (indicators) explored/analyzed in the study.
    1. Independent/Explanatory/Predictor. (Quantitative/Qualitative) (15 points)
    2. Dependent/Response/Outcome. (Quantitative/Qualitative) (15 points)
  4. Construct, based on your article review, two research question(s) related to the study. (15 points)
  5. Include the purpose of the article. (10 points)
  6. Report the most relevant findings. You could also use tables/charts from the article. (10 points)
  7. Analyze and discuss the main implications of the study for Healthcare/Public Health and how
    knowledge in the area could be expanded and applied. (10 points)
  8. Report the journal articles using the American Psychological Association’s (APA) format.
    (5 points)
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