Scenario:  A nurse manager is having to hire one to two new nurses every month. The average length of stay for his/her nurses is only about 6 months, costing the unit a lot of money through constantly orienting new nurses. The nurse manager is told by the chief nursing officer that he/she has 6 months to address nurse staffing issues on the unit. 

Instruction: Create a history of the problem that could lead to this scenario, including the experiences and actions of the primary character involved; a list of other persons/characters (nurses, staff, patients, etc.) involved, including their roles and previous actions that led to the scenario outcome(s); and future actions the primary character may take to address the situation, as well as evaluation criteria for determining the effectiveness of these actions. This information may be presented in a concept map or narrative form, or in any form of the student’s or group’s choosing. A concept map template has been provided below. A narrative template begins on the next page. 

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