Leadership action plan


1. Leadership Action Plan 

To help you extend the course lessons into your professional lives, this assignment asks you to develop an action plan based on what you have learned. The goal of this assignment is to translate the course material into a tangible and actionable plan that you will actually implement after finishing the course. As the assignment is intended primarily for your benefit, it comes with no formatting prescriptions. You should develop a plan in whatever format will be most useful to you. 

That said, please note that one key to receiving a strong grade is, again, analysis. Some formats are more conducive to analysis than others. For example, bulleted lists often preclude an analysis of the inter-linkages among a plan’s elements. If you choose such a format, I would encourage you to include another section that analyzes the linkages between the bullets. Additionally, the strongest leadership action plans will contain, at a minimum, an answer to the following questions:

· Which aspects of your leadership do you plan to improve?

· What tangible steps will you take to improve them?

· Why will you take those steps instead of others? (This would be a good place to reference the course lessons.) 

· How will you know if these steps are working, and what will you do if they are not?

If you are currently a leader, you should focus on what you will do to become a better one. If you are not a leader, you should focus on what you can do to lead from your current organizational level, and what you will do to become a leader in the long-term.

Overall, this document should be no longer than 5 pages typed (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font). Your grade will be based on how well your plan ties your professional concerns together with the course lessons through thoughtful analysis. 

I have attached an example 

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