Assignment 2: Final Project: Recommendation for Location of the A & L Beanery Physical Plant

A & L Beanery now has a packing plant in Mexico City and distribution into China, France, and Mexico. They are looking at the possibility of opening up a physical location as well as hiring staff to run the business in one of these countries. It comes back to your firm for assistance in deciding which country would be the best choice.

Recommend a country for your attorney’s assistance on the case for A & L Beanery to open a physical plant and base of operations taking into account the following: the economic and political situations of the country; trade restrictions and requirements as well as import/export considerations; costs of doing business locally; human rights issues; and any other relevant considerations.

Click here to download a recommendation template. Use this template to provide your legal analysis and recommendations.



On a separate page, cite all sources according to Bluebook format.

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