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One behavior of concern to businesses that is related to control is employee use of the Internet during business hours for personal reasons, e.g., shopping, personal email, watching movies, etc.

Evaluate whether control in this area is worthwhile and determine which kind of control method is appropriate. Discuss each of the five control methods contained in Section 16-2 as to how each would or would not be appropriate for this situation.

Are there companies for which it would be more important to implement strict internet-use controls? What type of company and why.

Before responding to this assignment, review the definition of control. Keep in mind that personal use of the internet during business hours results in a loss of productivity, thus has cost implications for the company.

The format must follow the guidelines listed below:
A number of you have been ignoring these guidelines so please get on board.
1. The assignment must be typed using 12-point font. You must use either Times New Roman or Arial font.
2. 1-inch margins
3. Single spaced
4. Double space between paragraphs
5. One-page limit
6. Spell and grammar check your document. No more than five (5) errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc., will be accepted and points will be deducted. More than five (5) errors will result in 0 points.
7. Your name, assignment name and date must be placed at the top of the page using the Word header function.
8. This must be your own original individual work.


and key terms the definition of the key term in a separate file  

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