Medical Assistant's Code of Ethics, Creed and Scope of Practice


Journal Instructions

Directions: Read and answer the following 2 questions being sure to follow the criteria for each question.

1.  Figure 1-2 on pg. 12 in your text discusses the Medical Assistant’s Code of Ethics.  Choose 2 codes and expand on each by answering the following questions for both codes: 

a. What does it mean to you?

b. Give 1 example of where, when or how you may use this particular code

2.  Research the SCOPE OF PRACTICE for MAs in Wisconsin. Use the Hyperlink below to assist in your research.

Scope of Practice | Wisconsin Society of Medical Assistants (

a. What stood out to you in regard to the Wisconsin MA Scope of Practice

b. What does this mean to you as a future CMA?

You will be graded on the following:

  • 2pts Formatting/Organization
  • 2pts Research/Quality of Content
  • 2pts Grammar
  • 2pts Reflection/Insight
  • 2pts Participation