You were recently hired as part of the transitional leadership team within your organization. The regional director has asked you to put together a strategic planning process that will include both internal and external stakeholders in decision-making for the organization.

You are asked to compose a brief memo of at least one page in which you do the following. 

  • Describe the importance of adhering to an organization’s mission and vision statements.
  • Express methods that can be used to ensure that the healthcare organization remains marketable and contemporary in the ever-changing healthcare world.
  • Describe the strategic planning process that you have developed and how it will ensure that internal and external stakeholders are included in decision-making for the organization.

Include at least three references from scholarly journals pertaining to strategic planning and leadership in order to demonstrate your research to your organization.

All sources must be cited and referenced using proper APA formatting.

Ledlow, G. R., & Stephens, J. H. (2018). Leadership for health professionals: Theory, skills, and applications [VitalSource Bookshelf version] (3rd ed.). Retrieved from