MGT-411-Case-4- ABQ Ride

Review the following concerning transit bus safety:  ABQ Ride employee: ‘I wouldn’t allow my family to ride a bus.’ See if you can find other information related to this situation specifically or to transit safety in general.

Consider the role of OSHA.  What, if anything, should/could OSHA be doing about this situation? 

If you were the director of safety for ABQ Ride, what would you do?  What policies and procedures would you want to be implemented? Why? At what cost to ABQ Ride?

Write a 3- to 4-page blog discussing your views and what you have found from other sources related to workplace safety and/or public safety.  Substantiate your claims.  Be sure to bring in at least two sources and provide citations. Citing sources of information in the text as well as in the reference list at the end of your assignment is required.  Citation and reference style instructions are available at   Also see Trident University’s Student Guide to Writing a High-Quality Academic Paper

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