I shared earlier some pictures That covers the most important antimicrobials. As a Final for Microbiology because there is no power point That explain the Antimicrobials drugs We are not having an Exam. To replace it a Project will be ordered. 

 1. AS your convenience you will choose one of the medications listed under Week 11: Antimicrobials.  with that medication you will develop your project.

( MUST INCLUDE): Drug Brands Names and generic name. if apply.

                                Name of the Class.

                                Other drugs of the same class  

                                Mechanism of action.

                                Indications of the selected drug. (diseases)

                                Interactions with others drugs. (must  relevant)

                                Adverse Effects

                                Warnings and Contraindications. 

                                Pregnancy category.


To complete that Project you can use Wikipedia, Books. or any other resources and the pictures that I shared. Everything yopu need to complete the project is there. Please use today class time to start with it, Must be sent to me next Thursday through Canvas as an attachment of a message. 

Have a great weekend.