Option #1:

For this Capstone assignment, you will research HR best practices that can be used to ensure strong staffing and ensure better quality applicants are drawn to the company including focusing on employee/organization match. Then you will develop an HR Audit for talent acquisition.

Develop an HR Best Practices Audit that addresses the following operations of an organization:

  • Identify critical mistakes that should be avoided during in the recruitment process, especially mistakes that may result in the recruitment challenges. This information would be beneficial to tailor a recruitment process that aligns with corporate culture and takes into consideration the current labor force and marketplace. For example, a more detailed job description is needed for specific positions such as an electrical engineer that will work with robotics in an autonomous flat organization culture.
  • Describe recruitment processes that should be utilized to attract the most talented employees, regardless of industry or organizational type. In particular, present at least three strategies that should be utilized to ensure a talented employee pool.
  • For example, a strategy could be for human resources representatives to visit high schools, colleges, civic clubs, or local events to promote the organization.
  • Create a table or checklist of items that the audit will address. Within the narrative section of your report, include information on how and what data will be collected. Explain how the data will be used when benchmarking with other organizations. For example, in the early 21st century, screening agents at airports in the South had a high turnover rate when compared to screening agents in the North. The comparisons and best practices were benchmarked against each other to create a better recruitment plan.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • Be 5-7 pages in length.
  • Include at least two different scholarly sources not utilized previously.