New Business Strategy


The format provided is a useful tool for presenting your strategy. Please use these slides to produce your New Business Strategic Plan project. 

Remember that you are essentially:

•Providing background information on your company and the business idea/concept •Highlighting what will make your business work •Laying out your Big Idea and any related Ideas •Describing factors that need to be done to get the business going •Describing a potential future if the strategy is implemented 

The following format will act as a guide for your New Business Strategic Plan. Please utilize these slides to document your new business idea:

1.Cover slide 2.Introduction of the Strategy 3.Executive Summary  4.New Business Description – Origin of the Idea 5.Pictures, drawings, schematics if applicable 6.SWOT Analysis  7.SWOT Summary 8.Competitor Analysis 9.Competitor Summary 10.Business Viability Assessment Graph 11.Business System Chart 12.Doing Business In 13.Country Profile 14.Country/Market Fit  15.Summary of the viability of the business 16.Country/Market, Entry Strategy, Incorporation Structure, Employees 17.Summary of New Business Strategy  

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