The term inchoate crimes, does not denote an intuitive definition and can be confusing to criminal justice practitioners. Yet, inchoate crimes are common within the criminal justice system. The proper training of new criminal justice practitioners regarding inchoate crime is crucial to the practitioner’s exercise of discretion and service to constituents.

Activity Instructions
Create a training newsletter for new criminal justice practitioners on the topic of inchoate crimes. The newsletter should define and explain inchoate crimes. Make sure to include inchoate crimes and their respective elements of offense. Include your state’s criminal revised code sections for the respective crimes. Finally, identify the three means that resolve the dilemma of punishing someone who has not fully completed the intended crime (provide the three rationale for punishing someone for an inchoate crime).

Your writing style will be a little different in a training newsletter than in a traditional research paper. You do not have to follow APA style, although you must integrate and cite academic sources.

The required length is shorter for this activity than for the essays in other weeks, so make sure to be succinct with your language.

The Best Practices for E-Newsletter Design resource provides some tips on how to approach this writing assignment.

Writing Requirements

  • 2 full newsletter pages
  • A functional newsletter format with single-spaced text
  • Ease of reading and finding information
  • Aesthetics, including well-integrated images
  • Informative academic content


Read/review the following resources for this activity


University of Washington Best Practices for E-Newsletter Design (Click on the Best Practices for e-Newsletter Design link under the Design heading.)



  • Link: Newsletter Examples (This Bing search provides a variety of visual formats that you can use as inspiration to design your newsletter.)
  • Link: Understanding Formal Analysis (This site is an example of academic content – in this case art – placed in a tutorial type of format for instructional purposes. Consider the appropriate use of language, layout, and images for the intended audience as you design your newsletter.)
  • Conduct additional research as you find necessary.
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