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Week 8: Discussion Question – Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Points: 30 | Due Date: Week 8, Day 3 & 7 | CLO: 1 | Grade Category: Discussions

Discussion Prompt

Using supporting documentation from at least one nursing publication, describe how evidence-based practice is different from research. How would you identify a research project as being an evidence-based intervention project versus the creation of knowledge in a nursing research project?



Initial Post:

· Due: Thursday, 3 high-level scholarly reference in APA format from within the last 5 years

Peer Responses:

· Due: Monday, 11:59 pm PT

· Number: A Minimum of 2 to Peer Posts, at least one on a different day than the main post

· Length: A minimum of 150 words per post, not including references

· Citations: At least 2 high-level scholarly reference in APA per post from within the last 5 years

Discussion: Respond to Posts in Your Own Thread

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